Dark Necessities is a community where we talk about ourselves. We make sure people are able to understand how they actually perceive this world through words and music, the purest way. This is a platform where you get to listen to people and contemplate your own dark necessities. Our aim is to understand a person’s deepest thoughts and their story from themselves and offer you all an experience.
Since you have come so far, we are sure you are willing to come a little bit more.
Now it’s time to give you our anecdote.
Let me tell you a story with a sigh, about a fool on the hill, the Rocket Man!


The abyss of your soul. A strange place it is. Difficult to see your vulnerabilities, your needs, necessities, to know your true self. Well, He is from the same boat.At the end of every day, he is left with just a thought:

There’s someone else who knows exactly who you are.  You cannot hide it. Ever. That’s your shadow.

And we, are trying to connect you with it. So gather around and listen to your bluebird, For we are attempting to be at one with your shadow.

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