Curling my hair with pearls,
Gazing the roses and laurels,
Thinking how long will they remain,
Toiling above the grounds of Olympus.

Bestowing a charm,
On the heldreichii,
I gave them a life,
As relics ensuing.

Looking down on the shores of Cyprus,
The glowing shell I saw,
Gleaming with the creation,
I was the one it once held.

Generations did come and go,
Lovers and fighters witnessed,
My lips curling with lustre,
My skin radiant as glee longing to be caressed.

As my eyes roamed around,
In search of the one,
Who would see me beyond this curse,
Of beauty and passion.

Even the mirror fell in love,
With the blush on my cheeks,
I granted several wishes,
Of pleasure, sex and love to thee.

I walked on petals,
Laid by my suitors,
In pursuit to entrance me,
By these petty intricacies.

Neither a man nor a woman, ever
Saw abaft this pulchritudinous divinity,
Never was I praised,
Beyond the depth of skin.

And today, I seem to be,
The Goddess of Sexuality,
Sitting amidst the myrtles,
Trying to satisfy the greedy.

I never wished for this,
A life as the bay,
For the waves that flatter around,
Or the Trojans that slay.

Wandering with Eros and Himeros,
Insinuating desire and lust,
With eyes stuck forever, like my “self”
On my heavenly bust.


By: Sunflower