Forgive me, today I come bearing bad news. 

I would request you to pray for my friend Aarushi Sharma, who passed away on April 8th, 2021, on a beautiful yet sorrowful morning. There is something stuck in my head. We were not great friends. We used to work together. She quit the job a year back and joined a BPO. She was pursuing Journalism to fulfill her dad’s dream as he passed away when she was a toddler. Since then she was living with her mom, stepdad, and two pain-in-the-ass stepbrothers. She was a good colleague and we shared a good bond. A heavy drinker she was. She made me have enough vodka in one night for a complete year. Some of you don’t know her, let me give a snippet of what was she like.

I wouldn’t call her the prettiest but she had those big eyes the kind of eyes your mom shows you when you break a piece of crockery. Long eyelashes made those eyes look fierce and beautiful. The color was black, of the eyes. The nose was a bit fat and the lips were in good shape but the chin interfered. She has good hair but she failed to maintain them and ended up looking like frizzy spaghetti. Not so long neck but a bit hairy, just on the neck. A very good bosom. Perfect rounded ones. She was in a good shape. 5’5. I liked her hands a lot. Once she even allowed me to draw a shitty painting on her palm. She had those long fingers with long nails that could scratch the fuck out of you like a cat. Not a perfume user, deodorant. Very fruity.

I do not have many encounters with her and few to mention but one thing I’d like to point out here which is very important is, is whenever she was asked to stand up for her friends, she did. At least for me, every time. She saved my ass a couple of times too. A good human being.

She passed away at 3:45 AM, I wish she has seen the sun that morning.

May her soul rest in peace and she has much fun there as she had got there. Chico, we love you. Take care.

Let us take another minute to give more power, strength, courage, and love to her mother. People who leave don’t have any problem or pain, people who are left behind have to live with it. God bless her.

It’s something unpredictable but in the end, it’s right, I hope you had the time of your life”).

I will take your leave now.
Thanks for being here.

By: Rocket Man