I loved drama. A life full of it is all I wanted. 22, I am now. My head is getting stupid and darker with each passing day. I am drowning in the pool of my own emotions which were supposed to be my defense mechanism. So, is there any way to go back to normal or should I keep falling?

While you and I figure out a solution for this, let’s dive into the current mood. Again, I miss her.
I told you, I don’t like sudden changes in my day or my head. I am slow guys. I take time to adjust and I like to keep things at my own pace. Hurry is only for an orange bar in may and undressing her. Well, I don’t intend to make this blog all about her apart from this song which definitely is for her because gosh, I miss her.

So, moving on, I have found the best way to have your whisky. You gotta pour your drink by tilting the glass so to get whisky legs. Once you get that, put an ice ball and fill the glass. 60ml friends, no more no less.  My old man says – ‘remember kid, it’s the first drink that matters. Rest is just water. You make the first drink and drink it, from that point onwards it’s the whisky taking you to the long island for that face which you have been seeing in your dreams as the epitome of beauty and hoping that the touch of that woman will be the salvation of your soul’.

Not exactly, I made a little but up. But did you see something? I have it all in my head. Sometimes, I love my world B (my other world in my head), she is still there. Elton John is playing in the background with some cold water. Haven’t taken a shower but life’s good.

Music is keeping me alive. I get dreams where I am on a ventilator and on the verge of death and someone just put my headphones on and played music and I am back. Sounds stupid but it’s a very intense dream.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today. Not much, but definitely less. If only you know.

Until next time, take a breather.


By: Rocket Man