Since you’re a 90s kid. There was this summer which came and passed and of course, your innocence went outside the window along with your eardrums and naïvity.
Look outside get a whiff on the road you live on. Probably smells of ridiculous kids doing the things they should be doing. And that’s precisely what disgusts me. Every Saturday I’d somehow manage to either grab a cigarette or a glass of whiskey and sit and ponder over what’s become of this generation. I’m well aware of how this makes me look like a 70s black and white character. Like you know? A man who’s basically modern by dictated paradigms yet stuck in the trenches of life back when “it was all simple”. Guys are dictated by the sole fact that sex is a commodity they must chase down and short their life as collateral. Women on the other hand have a sea of chumps to navigate in. One might just say. Uncharted waters they are. But where have all the romantics seemed to fuck off? What happened to all the clever people and quick whizzy snappy suburban motherfuckers? How come mediocrity the norm these days?
It’s a study for the ages man. The fact that we went from translating Coldplay’s song to French line by line because French is the language of love to “Bro, story pe react karde conversation chalu ho jayegi”, is just a huge blasphemy. Sons don’t fear their fathers and anarchy is a myth.
It’s like a Hitchcock movie but in reverse.
But to be perfectly honest with you.
Hope is a good thing.
Maybe the best of things.
Sure the romantics have been shot dead in their own Tiananmen square but I’ll be drinking, killing, chilling and waiting for the stories all over again.


By: Fox Mulder