I watched the classic quintessential timeless Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece “The Dark Knight” in the year 2009 one year after the release because in those days who knew the fuck was formulaic narrative. We all have those moments in a movie, don’t we? Where it’s literally us being portrayed on the big screen in some weird melancholic spinoff or some future debacle about to unravel because of the 1000 bucks you stole from your dad’s wallet before the movie to impress your lady friend.

My moment came when the self-righteous, white-collar face of Gotham, Harvey Dent said the words that’ll go down warm in the heart of every kid who picked up a Batman comic: You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Fast forward to 2021 it fucks with my brain how a tweaked quote fits in cahoots with my life:  “Every villain is a hero of his own story” ~Carter Burke.

But because it’s 2021 and somehow mediocrity has made its way into the young naive stupid scared shitless and braless and shirtless minds of ours. Since you’re here I’m hoping there’s a glass of whiskey in your hand and you’re not stone-cold drunk. I perhaps wish you’re smelling the liquor and I hope you’re lost in the seductive aroma of it.

I wish I can stop quoting these assholes and get back on the Bukowski train.



By: Fox Mulder