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Today I come up with a conversation with which I am struggling for quite some time. Extremities.
Should I? Talk about it? Fuck it. Who cares.
Let’s begin with the same old statement. She is stupid. 

She came down to surprise me, man. What could a guy like me expect? I loved it. She was so nice to me and I started questioning my ability to be with such a woman. Today, she tells me that she did not come home because I said so.


Exactly! What the fuck right???

At one moment you are travelling 180kms in a local bus with no plans to meet him and the other you did not go and fuck him because he said so? Wow. 

 It made me question a lot of things but above all my ex came to my head. She used to hate this thing when I did the same. She believed that what a person can’t do his/her entire life should not even start that thing because it might hurt when you won’t be able to do it. I feel it.

Moral of this rant? – Set a floor and a ceiling for yourself! Yes, do whatever the fuck you want but don’t disappoint people in the journey. Care, a bit.


#Pieceofadvice: I tend to speak a lot about stuff and preach. They say, don’t. They are stupid. A piece of advice is information you give to yourself in the past. Probably to your stupid self. I justify my self-loathing, 

Let’s talk a bit about love and sex? God, I am horny.


Take some opium and fuck her from the back. Insert your finger in her pussy and kiss her neck. Bite her bosom and put your dick in her mouth and then my friend, listen to this song!

Rage you fucker. Forget the past. You wanna love her, do it. I’ll show you! 

By: Rocket Man