They ask me ‘Oh so you’re this writer huh? What do you write about? Are you a travel blogger?’

Well, Everybody who writes is a writer. That’s what I think. Secondly, I am no traveller, I am an explorer. A guy who doesn’t want to die curious. Today is my first attempt to write a travel blog.
Travelling is very subjective to people. Some like to go to the mountains for a trip, others for adventure sports, a few go for spiritual awakening, some go for just a break from their daily lives, and some just dream of going.
Recently I went to Pushkar for 15 days to volunteer at a hostel. I wanted to know what is going on in the hospitality industry. Before leaving I did what most of you would do, go to the internet and Google all about it. I saw a lot of links to a lot of amazing blogs and tried to gather information. All I could get was- 10 best cafés in Pushkar, Things to do in 24 hours, Must visit these places, Best pizza in the town is right here, Treks, Temples, and stuff like that. What I questioned is this-

What do you feel when you sit on a ghat or in front of a mountain at sunrise?

I want a blog or something on that. I want people to share real moments from their travel experiences. Not the stuff which I can google. Well, That’s what this website is and I am gonna stick to the essence of it.

So, it’s Day 4 in Pushkar, I got done with my dinner and I had to write a blog so I took a break at 10 PM for an hour. Met a friend accidentally, wanted to be alone but we started walking to this place looking for ice cream but couldn’t find it so went on to Raju restaurant for some sprite and chose to get high. Did that and went to sit on one of the ghats to chill. Sat on the last stair near water, folded the jeans, and sat back. The body was relaxed. There was no pressure, had completely forgotten about the blog and started thinking about mountains. I love mountains. I don’t want to climb every one of them, maybe once go for a trek or something but just looking at them just makes my heart very calm. It’s really a happy feeling. You look at one peak and right behind it there’s a taller one and it goes on. It’s something to chase for. I kept thinking about it. My friend had left after 20 minutes because he wanted to puke. I was sitting there for another hour but the lights went out at 1 and I got scared but still did not panic. It was a full moon that day and it was bright enough to still fall back to the dram in my head. It does come true, the dreams. Put your desires in your subconscious mind and let the magic happen. If you truly want it, dream about it. Dream that it’s happening to you and there you go, 50% of your work is done.
Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it later.


P.S: I realized that I like getting high only when I see the moon. Makes me calm.


By: Rocket Man