So, While fucking, she took one of her ex’s name. I am mad now. How could she? A whore she is. Anyway, I don’t feel the same while fucking her. I just fuck her for the sake of it. I guess after the episode, I just don’t feel the same.

Anyway, Today was a good day. I am a bit drunk now. Vodka was the poison today. She, my sister and me, went for a drink at my friend’s place and we had fun. Got a bit drunk, smoked some cigarettes. Swayed a bit, talked about fathers, condoms and mountains. Good times roll by.

Oops, she is taking over the blog today like she took the reign of my heart. 

We have talked incessantly about the majestic, snow capped mountains for the whole year now. They talk about inductive motivation, I say we should talk about the ideas which are the most potent to even make or break a human mind, completely changing the algorithm of thinking mechanism.

Man! I have never seen one, only heard stories. There is something so mystical about them. The possibilities of going uphill and all restless, without catching a breath just to feel nothing and everything at all. And the nights, so lonely yet fulfilling, you feel the breeze as if that’s the only melody that’s gonna strung your eardrum and then your sighing heart, on the contrary the silence good enough to let you hear your own limbs, blood flowing to the vessels, and the human mind fully functioning enough to make up a story in the fraction of milliseconds of time. 

Oh and the mornings,

Can’t recall his stories about them but wait will come with it soon once I see one in real life with my naked eye, just sufficient to strip my mind.

 By: Rocket Man