And here we are. Again.
If there’s one thing that still holds value in this world is words.
Unfortunately, I see it fading away now. I just asked her for a blowie and she denied it. Fuck her. She desperately wants my hands all over her but she won’t say it nor will I. We just will not.
Call it ego, or a wounded heart, or some sort of insecurities, we are just caught up in the shackles of this emotional Ferris wheel. Emotions are so weird, don’t you think? You think you can control or direct them but when they hit you, they hit hard. You stumble. Gosh, I hate that. What about you?
She says “I love you” but I don’t know if she means it or not. I don’t want to know actually. Whatever it is, I don’t feel good about it. Let me tell you a secret. The only reason I love my life without anyone in it is that I am living my life in my head. Everything is so beautiful there. The worst part, I am trapped. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live this reality. It’s like porn, some people watch so much of it they don’t appreciate a real pussy. Do you get me? If you don’t, chuck it. Let’s talk about pussy. Chuck this too, you wouldn’t get it. Get a woman to love. She’ll get you like you’ve never been gotten before.
I am back. Went for a quick lunch and a smoke.
So where were we?
Forget it.

Life and everything in it should be like water. Let it flow. Let love open the door. We made promises, she and I. Talked a lot. Preached each other a lot. Look where we are. But you, just flow.

I have fallen. In love. Will rise too. One day. Till then, hear this song.

Take care, Chico.



By: Rocket Man