It’s 2020. Music refers to either of the dichotomous entities of Coke Studio or pure maddening EDM, both equal trance-inducing. There’s nothing in between.

And then one night, browsing through the endless (and mindless) YouTube recommendations, you come across a ditty from eons ago, from a previous life almost. An age too pure, too naive to be even recalled in such sinful times. A song that made you feel love when you had no idea what it meant. When love was something obscure yet sacred, something that two people on screen felt for each other, as they twirled along to a melody. And yet, at that vulnerable age, it’s as if your heart knew, this is the love you want, this rhythm is how you’ll define love. And it secures that very feeling, that pure yet whimsical titillation in someplace deep in your heart, to be opened by the arrival of someone when you’ve come of age when the time is right.

It’s been so many years now, since girlhood. Your visage, not as joyfully vivacious now. Even though you’re young, your heart’s somewhat weary, not as open. You’re desperate to find gratification, but you don’t feel as deeply anymore. Hair, skin, body, mind.. nothing is the same, you’re almost a different person, as if reborn. Innocence, is dead within you.

And then, you play that song. The music tugging on parts of your heart you didn’t know existed, re-igniting a memory almost erased. As the lyrics begin, some part of you heaves a sigh of relief, as if you come home from an exile. Your heart rising and falling along with the beats. The power is overwhelming, bringing you to tears almost. Innocence awakens from a comatose sleep, reminding you who you are. You’re still the same, maybe away from home, maybe lost. But I still want the same things, the same kind of love.


By: Aadya Sharma