Today is an important day. I don’t know what makes a day important, in my case it’s because a couple of things happened in the last 24 hours. I watched a good piece of cinema, had a very important realization, had a well-needed shut-eye, good music, good food, lost my camping tent, day 3 without a shower, talked about a business idea, half an hour ago had whisky and coke with Into the Wild soundtrack and thought of writing, about all this.

So, to all my dear readers, if you have an idea, a thought, a dream and you feel strongly about it, don’t tell anyone and step out and do it. If you want something in life, reach out and grab it.

After the movie last night I was thinking about something unusual that I never think of much. You see, I haven’t achieved much in life yet because I am stuck with a dilemma that I am faced with two roads in front of me and I find myself indecisive there. Strange right? We all give advice to others and help them out in their life with decisions but fail ourselves. I guess that’s how life is. It’s very important to know ourselves. First. As Robert would have done, just take anyone. It will be worth it. You see, why people fuck up is, that they fail to unfold the beauty of what they have in front of them. Life presents you with the answer in form of a code (because answering straight is no fun right?) and you got to figure it out. Sometimes it’s in words, music, or as simple as you, yourself. There is never one formula that works everywhere. Life is like a big arcade game. There’s no set pattern, which makes permutation and combination my favourite topic in mathematics. It’s just that if your fundamental is clear, you can do whatever. If you just play minor or major pentatonic scales on guitar, dude you know shit. But if you just decipher it somehow, you too can slow dance in the burning room.

Coming back to my topic that what was that unusual I wondered about last night? It was about morale. I grew up in a family where a lot of talking happened around morals and ethics but no working. Brown family. Everybody around me, even the people I did not like much have some kind of morale for themselves, Some rules, some criteria, some floor or ceiling to their deeds or actions. Their thinking or the way they talk has a pattern. Some algorithm. I don’t know. But, I find myself with none of it. Like I said, about my family, I can talk sense, morals, give advice, do’s and don’ts but in the end, it felt hollow. I felt embarrassed, a little sad.

But, I figured something out. I have never got anything in my life until I was sure about it a hundred per cent. Be it my studies, scores, sports, women, whisky, everyday opportunities or anything. If I want something, I get it. I get it if I am in love with it if I desperately want it. It’s instinct baby. It works, When I desire something and it’s strong, I feel the microcosm and macrocosm connecting to the universe. I feel it in my 5-foot body. It’s magical. And there you go, even I have morale. Eureka!

I cannot get, do, perform, achieve without feeling it. That’s me. If I am going to try, I go all the way, otherwise, I won’t even start. Thanks, Charles, you are a good friend. A friendly piece of advice to a lot of you out there today is- Numbers don’t matter. Be it your women, books, drinks or scores.
If you have a woman you love and she loves you back, no other woman can make you feel that warmth ever, she will be your backbone. Fucking 124 more won’t matter then. If you have or gonna read 720 books, it doesn’t matter. If you submerge one book only, that’ll be worth it. Find that one thing. The journey to find one, the only one that matters. Because you start from zero.

Remember, ‘Zero is where the actual fun begins, there’s too much counting everywhere else’. I said it but Hafiz said it first.
There’s a long way to go dear you. Me too. I have 730 miles to cover before I meet you again. I am going to take your leave now. I have an idea, gonna fucking do it. It’s crazy but doesn’t matter. Whatever is gonna happen, I won’t regret it. This is it. This is the moment, seize this frame. It’s yours. Go all the way.

See you on the other side of the mountain. Up and Up.
Take care.


By: Rocket Man