They say eat from the left side of your mouth. They say farmers protesting is a symbol of anti-nationalism. They took eight long years to get Nirbhaya’s soul justice. They say, finish your schooling, go to college, get a degree, then a job and a wife. They care about you, They say. Listen to pink Floyd. Jazz is like the wind that enters the window of your soul, opens your eyes, blues consoles your heart. Blues cannot be learned by sitting in a monastery, you need to get out, get your heart broke, and then maybe you can learn to sing blues. They say. You must visit the Taj Mahal if you’re in Agra.  Get your life in order. Get health insurance. Don’t become an artist or do. Don’t drive fast. Cyberpunk 2077 is a next-generation game. PlayStation is better than Xbox.

Trust and compatibility are the most important in a relationship. Respect your elders. Power to change the world is in the hands of men. Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men. You can only do three things with a woman. Love her, suffer for her or turn her into literature. American muscle is the best in class. Mexican women have good shape, Italian suits are the best, German automobile is what you must buy, paint it all black. Suck the pussy like an eight-year-old eating his strawberry scoop.

They say, and I agree on this one, try not to mix your professional and personal life. Hope she is not reading this. I am actually writing this while having a video call with her right now. Gosh. Scotch must be worshiped. Kill your cat. Feed a dog. Pee in any bottle you find. Learn how to play the mouth organ. Make sure your bra is not visible. Never wear pink underwear.

Earn a lot of money. Make friends when you’re seven. Marry at eleven. Arrange a nacho table for your friends and family. Start a business. IVY league should be your aim. Child labor is an oxymoron. They say, don’t wear short skirts. Cut your hair. Shave regularly. Queen is overrated. The black cat is ominous. They say leave a tip. Visit the opera at least once. Don’t die curious. Get a government job. Don’t bully. Don’t use the word nigga. You can’t do it. Smooch.

Don’t try. If you do, go all the way in. Otherwise, don’t even start.
But, don’t be me.

By: Rocket Man