Maktub, My friends.

The secret of life – Fall seven times and get up the eighth time. To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation. Remember. Choices are really important in life. Do you also have Urim and Thummim? Or you are just following your heart.

Well, I follow my heart. To be able to do whatever you want and being wise is real freedom. It’s worth it.

The cost of freedom has always been high. I am ready, as always to pay it and will be. You should be too. Life will never be the same. When you realize what you want to do, you feel ecstatic. Forever. It’s unfathomable.

You might think you already know all this right? I know you do. Sweetheart.

But, one thing everyone has trouble with is finding that purpose! The game-changer! Even I do. Haven’t found it yet. I do what my heart says. Your heart knows it all. Finding something is not a task or a day’s job, it’s an experience, a journey, a beautiful expedition, maybe the most adventurous thing of your entire life. I believe my heart is a microcosm and the heart of the universe is the macrocosm. When they both align, magic

happens. No reasoning, no science, no art, nothing. Just Magic.

Magic will happen. For me, definitely. How am I so sure? Look up, my friend. If you want it too, just look up.

So, keep doing what you want.

Ride a motorcycle, bunk your classes if you don’t like, pee in washbasins, fuck all you want, read a lot, or not, stay up all night, smoke Marlboro, drink only single malts, love her, look for your Fatima, start a business, take LSD and listen to rock and roll, question your existence, roam barefoot everywhere, jump in the ocean, run like Forrest Gump, party with strangers, get blotto and drive, wear the same t-shirt for days, don’t take shower, flirt with the girl sitting next to you in the bar, write, jam, learn a language, an instrument, think, listen to Mozart, punk rock, Gulzar, B.B king, Iron Maiden, date a teenage dirtbag, make To-do lists, watch into the wild, then go to the wild, travel alone, open a café, run it, learn how to make drinks, cook, let people call you barfly, give yourself no fairness, comfort, setbacks, defeat, lies, money, fame, but only truth.

You are a human being before anything else. Help each other. In the face of love, you will see nothing but your own love’s reflection. Love people, care for them, always stay close to family, become responsible, stay humble, love your woman, respect every soul, help the world make a better place, be healthy, show gratitude at every turn in your life, make right choices, buy your own house, never stop learning, growing, being legendary as always, and then you can call yourself a true Woman/ Man.

The treasure lies within you. My friend once told me, If you want something in life, reach out and grab it.

The dots will connect one day, looking backward. For that, keep moving forward. Don’t look back in anger.

Only look back to look at your love. Smile at her. You are a big hard sun!

Let me know when you want to meet. One drink. Whisky.

We have miles to go before we sleep.

– I said it.

(But I am sure Robert said it first).


By: Rocket Man